Stuff I Wrote About Myself in The Third Person.

Alex M. Stein is a writer, documentary filmmaker, and storyteller living in Los Angeles (and dreaming of Alaska).

Alex was fired from his first job in Hollywood and replaced (literally) by the Tidy Bowl Man.  He’s worked as a story analyst, development executive, script doctor and story consultant, travel writer, dotcom content provider, and advertising copywriter.

He believes these the following things explain all you need to know about him: Alex was born in New York City and raised in Amherst, Massachusetts (a college town once infamous for the number and quality of its used-record stores).  He double-majored in Economics and the Philosophy of Religion (focusing on Kierkegaard, heartbreak, and longing), but sometimes argues those two things are basically the same thing.

Alex codirected the documentary Sign My Snarling Movie (about cult band The Bobs) and wrote, directed, and produced the Iditarod documentary M*U*S*H (as seen on PBS in Alaska).  There’s an entire cool website about M*U*S*H which contains trailers, photos, and all the cool stuff you’d expect.  Check it out here.

Alex has been to 46 states (47 if you count Michigan).

Alex is currently working on two documentaries, writing a bunch of different projects, and working with production companies, movie studios, and private clients as a story consultant.  But mostly, he’s trying to live up to the ideals of the late, great tuxedo cat Sitka P. Coldfoot (named after two places in Alaska).

You may have seen Alex performing at various venues and spoken-word events all over Los Angeles.  And if you haven’t, then you should.

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect Your Dreams to Die is his first collection of essays, stories, tone poems, and other short pieces that are just a little hard to define.  It makes an ideal gift for almost any occasion.