Alex M. Stein is an award winning writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.

He has devoted his entire adult life to stories and storytelling and is a mainstay of the Los Angeles storytelling community. He ran a weekly storytelling show for two years. He has won the Moth multiple times and is the author of the personal essay collection No, Mr. Bond, I Expect Your Dreams To Die and the short-story collection Tales From the Trail: Short Fiction About Dogs, Mushing, and Sled-Dog Races.

He recently won an Art of Creative Unity Award from the International Human Rights Arts Festival for his personal essay “Black Water.”

He has worked extensively in film and television development and works as a story consultant for production companies, studios, individual writers, and more.

Alex enjoys writing about himself in the third-person and would love it if you connect with him on Twitter (while it still exists) or on Facebook, Post.News, or Mastodon. Notes on homing pigeons will work, too. Because all the cool kids are doing that.

Here’s a picture of gorgeous tortoiseshell cat Hekla P. Husavik, who is well known for having rocks in her head.

And here is tuxedo cat Bettles P. Kotzebue, who is a tireless punk. Who these photos? Because people love cat pics, that’s why.