Tales From the Trail: Short Fiction About Dogs, Mushing, and Sled-Dog Races

21 and a half pieces of short fiction that explore the broad terrain of sled-dog racing, taking you inside the minds of dogs and mushers. These unusual and unexpected perspectives on the mushing world include the wide-eyed thrill of puppies, the bittersweet memories of a dog running his last race, the meandering thoughts of an ancient river, the hopes of a Widow’s Lamp, a Robert Service-like ode to spirits haunting a frozen stretch of sea ice, the joys of different kinds of victories, and even a rebuttal from a jealous cat.

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No, Mr. Bond, I Expect Your Dreams To Die

36 Analog Stories for a Digital World. Sharp personal essays, short stories, tone tone poems, and epistles from the land of myths and legends that will conjure hopes and dreams long forgotten while touching on music, yearning, lost love, philosophy, the golden promise of youth, and false memories that grow more vivid as time passes.

Please Note: If you are automatically upset by the use of profanity, this book will upset you approximately 37 times.

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